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Posted by Brian Dale

I wanted to just say that I was really excited that we saw New York City elect a 5 cent fee for disposable bags at the checkout earlier this month.  Clearly Americans from coast to coast are making this a priority and seeing the value in a cleaner, sustainable town, city or in this case metropolis.  (For more about the NYC details at the

Already so many cities have passed rules like this.  In my city of Chicago, last year they passed a rule, but its not having a big effect (yet) because retailers have been able to skirt the spirit of the law, by offering thicker plastic bags. Not what we all had in mind, but its a start. Already our Alderman Moreno is trying to crackdown on this loophole and I'm confident that Chicago will come around and make the right decision to ban all plastic bags.

Brian Dale
Founder of RunRunRun