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I want to personally invite you to learn more about my company and tell you the 8 reasons why RunRunRun products are innovative, fashionable and practical. 

First, I started RunRunRun because I believe eco-friendly living doesn’t mean compromising style and design.  Travel and shopping is hard enough so I wanted to design products that were lightweight, fold up, are useful with lots of pockets and good for the environment.  

I believe that we've done that and that's why RunRunRun totes are sold around the world at luxury hotels like the Peninsula and Waldorf Astoria, The Container Store, museums like the Art Institute of Chicago and Smithsonian and countless boutiques.


1. They fold, they hold:  RunRunRun lunch totes, shoppers, messengers and tote bags fashionably fold up, but still retain their usefulness. Check out our page here to see how to fold them. 

2. They're made from recycled plastic bottles:  Our totes, shoppers and messengers have RPET inside every bag.  All liners are made from this material and you can know that when you use your RunRunRun tote you're not just skipping a new plastic bag, but you're also recycling. 

3. RunRunRun celebrates places who have banned plastic bags:  We name our products after eco pioneers including San Francisco, Malibu, Aspen, Nantucket, Paris, Italy and more. Increasingly, cities are outlawing plastic bags and we will continue to support their efforts.

4. Lightweight and machine wash:  Most of our bags weigh between five and six ounces and machine wash.  This makes them ideal for travel, the beach, the market, etc. 

5. Useful:  Loaded with pockets, high-quality workmanship and superior design, you’ll find our RunRunRun bags are truly next generation products. Products are certified lead-free, BPA-free and phthalates free. Bags hold up to 65 pounds and are water-resistant.

6. Smile:  Every bag has a unique quote inside that matches its fabric.  Each fabric and quote is a one of a kind and when we retire each style its gone for good!

7. Only Vegan Leather:  All bags closures are made of cruelty-free polyurethane.  Animals are never harmed. 

8.  RunRunRun around the world. We pride ourselves on putting you first. Please contact us anytime to let us know how we can do better!

I think you'll see for yourself why RunRunRun has become a leader in eco-friendly design.  Feel free to contact me directly with your questions, comments or just good wishes.

Brian Dale
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