LoveLoveLove – RunRunRun | Tote Bags, Reusable Bags

I love, love, love my Italia Shopper.  I have had it for what seems like ten plus years. - Terri D - Dec '17
Thank you, Brian! Take Care & I love your Bags!They are perfect for Traveling!! - Maria J - Oct '17
I've given many away as gifts at Christmas and birthdays and everyone who receives one loves the fact that they are so large and strong when deployed and yet, so small and compact when folded up. They are so unique! Mine travel everywhere I go. And they last!! - Shelley Z - Sept '17
Thanks Run Run Run.  My bag from previous purchase has been so well admired so now these are gifts to spread your amazing product. - Jan T - Sept '17
I believe that anyone who uses this product will be interested in another in a different pattern or style.  These are great for travel and going to shop at farmer's markets.  Eco-friendly, stylish, compact when folded, spacious when fully expanded, and reasonably priced.  I'm looking forward to using the messenger for carrying my laptop. - K. Felder - July '17 

I found the Austin Crossbody in black and bought one. Turned out this became my favorite bag. I carry it all the time. - Linda W - June '17

I know how well your products hold up, because I've been using my first Italia Shopper for over 3 years and it's been bullet-proof.  I love your bags! - Chris R. - May '17  

I think it is great that you are using the names of towns/cities that are trying to reduce use of single use plastic bags. - Cami E - Feb '17
Love your selection of bags!  They are really so wonderful and well made. - Deb A - Dec '16
I find them particularly handy for travel and running around town.  I've also brought them on longer family trips. - Beth M - Oct '16
Thank you so much for your quick response and amazing customer service! - Jamie M - Sep '16

I LOVE my zinnias Italia shopper bag like crazy.  It's been sturdy, super pretty, and I bought it on a trip with some friends
 - Jenn S - Sep '16
We love your bags.  Sleepovers, gym classes and as a stylish carry-on travel bag when flying and mix up the design depending on my destination.  I like that we can wash them, too. We recently started using the lunch bags and will order more soon. Thanks for a great product and great customer service." - Heather O - Sep' 16
Amazing bags!! We love them!!  - Jodie Z - Sep '16
Love, Love, Love these Run, Run, Run bags!! For airline travel I always use an L.A. MESSENGER bag. Everything I need with a sleek, slender look and not heavy at all! - Susan C - Sep '16
Thank you for these lovely bags. I buy at your good prices to give as gifts to my grandchildren's teachers! They always appreciate and enjoy them. And these are so colorful and well made!   With many thanks, Dorothy B - Sep '16
Got it. Love them. Thank you.  - Stephanie B - Sep '16
I really like this lunch tote and it keeps my lunches nice and cold.  - Leslea P - Jul '16
I get a lot of compliments on your bags which has lead me buying them as gifts and sending you referrals. Looking forward to new prints in the future!  - Shannon F - Jul '16
Thank you very much!!! Love your bags... They're the best!  Lisa W - Jul '16
I have given RunRunRun bags to several of my friends as gifts, and I will certainly  spread the word about your products and your excellent customer service.  Ashley S - Jun '16
I love my lunch tote very much and it has been very durable. Jennifer W - May '16
Thank you so much for the speedy response. Your mission to help save the planet and your appreciation for customers has made this gal a life long fan!  Keep up the amazing work. Laura G- Apr '16

Love these bags!  Connie G -    Apr '16

Thanks for such lovely totes at  good prices!!!  Great as gifts or bags......and I just love them!   Dorothy B - Apr '16

Hello there! Thank you so much. I love the totes and appreciate you  all for replacing it! Kelsea K - Apr   '16

My wife and I were both  impressed with the product. We  almost bought several at  Frenchman's Reef but were very  pushed for space coming back  (even using one of the bags as an  extra carry on!). Glad I looked up  the site. Norm S -  Apr'16

I love your products! I first purchased at The Container  Store  Jane S - Mar '16

I received my bags yesterday  (fast shipping!)  I love it and have often used it as a shoulder bag. Rebecca M - Mar '16

I first bought a RunRunRun lunch tote at the Art Institute several years ago.  ...I love that it is thinner and a bit more flexible (for lack of a better word) than most of the insulated lunch bags out there. I typically bring breakfast, lunch and dinner to work with me, and most insulated lunch bags either are too small or oddly shaped to fit all of my containers, or are much bigger than I need.  The RunRunRun bag is just the right size. Stephanie S - Jan '16

I recently started using my grey Malibu tote to tote my knitting. I love it. Charlene M - Jan '16

I get compliments on my bags all the time. And I always tell everyone where I get them. I love runrunrun bags! Tara M - Jan '16

Wow! Thank you!  I received my bag from my boss a couple of years ago. It's my  favorite work bag. It's gone on vacation with me, to the market in Cancun, to the local  grocery store, the beach and overnight stays. It's my "go to" bag in a pinch. I want to share the love this season and hoping it's appreciated as much as I have enjoyed your  product. Julie G - Dec '15
Love the bag and always get compliments  on it! Jeanette - Dec '15
You are as awesome as your bags! Bonita P  - Dec '15
I love the size and look of the bag, as well as the green effort of your company. Lara R - Nov '15
Thanks for all your help. I love my new bags! Janine H - Oct '15
I have ordered a lot of totes from your company and really love them, especially the Italia Shopper.  Catherine H - Oct '15
Thank you so much!! I will definitely buy again in the future! I love your bags. Traci R - Sep '15
I love your bags and have purchased a number of them, as gifts and for myself Susan R - Sep '15
This is our 4th bag from ya'll we love them!  Sally C - Sep '15
I received my order this weekend - and love, as usual, all the bags! Lisa R - Jul '15
The bags arrived today! We LOVE them! Thanks for the quick service and turn around. Terry O - Jul '15